FLUX Industrial Marker FX.065I

The FX.065 is a pocket-sized pump valve marker with a 6.5mm round bullet tip. The polyester tip gives a perfect flow and smooth lines. The marker come pre-filled with our popular black FX.INK and can easily be refilled through the back of the marker.


FLUX Industrial Marker FX.100I

Our most popular marker! A small marker that fits perfectly in your hand and pocket. Don't be fooled by the size, under the cap you will find a 10mm broad tip. The FLUX FX.100I comes pre-filled with our popular black FX.INK.


FLUX Industrial Marker FX.150I

The classic 15mm marker! It wouldn't been possible to leave this one out. A handy pump-valve marker pre-filled with our popular black FX.INK. Under the cap you find a soft 15mm broad tip. Not much more to say about this, it's a classic!


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